A few words…

It’s about to say goodbye. I don’t think the future will ever know me. Though my purpose of life was much greater I won’t be placed between the Gandhi or 25 paise.

Initially, I don’t get to have wings, but once its grown responsibilities grow too. All these years I have never complained. But it’s now or never.

For god’s sake why the hell they call it ‘wings’, if not for fluttering around. Like really, why bro? Why not hands or fingers which makes more sense. I have got no feathers or to taste heights. Forget heights not even air! And why do they always whisper about me where I provide them safety! How saddest are these people?

My entire life either was in dense forest or baren land holding things together and never letting it go. Not a single word I uttered against them. Like “Today is soo moody, let me flip around”. No, that is not how I worked. It was not less than brutal torture. From sticking, stretching, pulling, and rolling my whole heart was there and never felt love.  I even got a makeover. Gelled and moisturized my body, wore my naughty net, and put on some weight.

And why, after all my efforts they chose you over me? I knew this day would come, what else should I expect!! So,

Dear MenuCups,                                        

              To be honest, I am not sure about you.  What if you never come back once you are there? What if they refuse to let you go? What if you can’t breathe? What if you get stuck? What if there’s heaven? Ummm no there is no heaven. You really should consider things again. Like backing out maybe. Cause I care about you mate.

                   My generation is on the verge of extinction. Tell my folks I have got my retirement wish. Hang me somewhere high and let me fly without a shy.

With lots of love,


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