No why’s No but’s

This time it was a mask. Needless to say, She never forgets her mask. Raheema clutching her tummy, again she rushed all the stairs up, unlocked the door, and grabbed a fresh mask for Zakir. He often forgets his mask and no matter what, Raheema has to pick up that for him. Well, that is how ‘promising’ wives are!

Raheema came back, adjusted her seat, and wore the seat belt. She wasn’t taking hands from her tummy. Zakir found this very odd. But didn’t bother to ask. Raheema was very disturbed about that. So she started caressing her tummy and closed her eyes. Still, Zakir didn’t ask.

Last night, Raheema wore her red satin gown and thought she would surprise him. She expected Zakir to notice she had missed her periods. She arranged balloons and cakes on the balcony, switched off lights, and lit candles. Zakir came home and saw his wife all dolled up. He came close, pinned her to the wall, thrived his hunger, and dozed off. No why’s no but’s.

She changed her clothes and blew all the candles. Had a piece of cake and let all the balloons free.

Raheema’s shawl fell off from her hair, as she was sleeping. He slows down the car to wake up Raheema and asked to cover her hair.

She threw up all over him! No why’s no but’s.

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